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Tuesday, 17 December 2013


If the expected of over 700,000 visitors to the Ngorongoro concervation  area this year is realized , then the NCAA stands to beat the entire country of Rwanda in attracting tourists.
     The Ngorongoro Creater interest seems to be growing steadily. Latest figures indicates that the wildlife  packed is caldera is currently being visited by more than 588.000 tourists per year figures are concerned.
   In 2012 a total of 588,814 visitors were recorded to have entered the main Loduare Gate leading to the Ngorongoro Concervation. Area Authority , a slight increase from the 588,606 tourist who entered in the previous year, a number which jumped from the 523,646 people who toured the NCAA in 2010.
   At such pace , according to mr Asantael Melita the principal  Tourism Officer with the Ngorongoro  concervation Araa Authority, the NCAA braces to handle more than 600,000 tourist this year (2013) and possibly also hit the 700,000 figure a number which should even surpass the total number of tourists who visit the entire country of Rwanda in the year.
  And raising an annual revenue of around 55 billion/- the creater should be generating more income than the entire region of Mtwara.
  This year’s figure will be amplified by the fact that Ngorongoro Creater has been named among the ‘seven new wonders of Nature , found on the continent , as well as the new interest of tourist flocking to witness wildebests’ calving seasons occurring in both the NCCA and the adjoining Serenget plans .
‘’Domestics tourism is also improving with many Tanzanians, though mostly students, currently flocking to visits the creaters .’’said Mr Melita adding that the United States  laed in sending the largest number of foreign tourist to the NCAA.
‘’The USA is followed by United Kingdom, Germany, France and for the fist time in recent  years, china has entered into the top five followed by Scandinavian,on the sixth position, after which come Spain,Italy and Ausralia, ‘’said the tourism officer .
 Tanzania has 16 National Parks, including the most popular :Serengeti, whose annual ungulates ‘ migration guarantees 350.000 annual tourist flow, Mount Kilimanjaro which pulls nearly year,Tarangire ,famous for its larger than life elephants , as well as tree-climbing pythons getting over 150,000 visitors and Ruaha, the country’s  largest park.

Other atractions include the Kaole ruins of Bagamaoyo, the Spice Island of Zanzibar, the chimpanzees’Lifestyles inGombe and Mahale National parks along Lake Tanganyika as well as the floating wildlife parks of Rubondo and Sea –Nane Islands on Lake Victoria.

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