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Tuesday, 13 May 2014


 Ms. Helen Clark (right), Administrator, UNDP stressing a point to Mr. Allan Kijazi, Director General of TANAPA when she visited Ruaha National Park yesterday.
 Ms. Helen Clark (right), Administrator, UNDP admiring a rarely seen Pangolin at Ruaha National Park.
 Ms. Helen Clark (right), Administrator, UNDP poses in a picture with the plant operators of the grader, which was donated by UNDP to Ruaha National Park through a SPANEST Project.
 Ms. Helen Clark (right), Administrator, UNDP talking to a section of Park Rangers at Ruaha National Park.
 From right to left: Ms. Helen Clark (right), Administrator, UNDP, Mr. Allan Kijazi DG of TANAPA, Mr.Godwell Meing’ataki, SPANEST Project Coordinator and Dr. Christopher Timbuka, Ruaha Chief Park Warden in front of the Anti-poaching patrol vehicle donated by UNDP through SPANEST.
 Ms. Helen Clark (right), Administrator, UNDP listening to a Walking Safari Tour Guide at Ruaha National Park shortly before starting a Walking Safari at Ruaha National Park.
 UNDP Administrator Ms. Helen Clark (second left) enjoying a Walking Safari at Ruaha National Park.
 The ongoing rain in the country has been a blessing to the Great Ruaha River.

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